- the Infographics Creators Platform Goes Global, the No.1 Infographics Community Platform in Japan is now available in 6 languages

Summary, the No.1 Infographics and Visual Marketing platform in Japan, has "silently" released a series of major upgrades to its service last month. Born in Japan, it now offers global support for 5 extra languages in its beta version: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian; In addition to the original Japanese version.

A brief introduction to's first public beta was launched in October 2011 exclusively in Japan, with the goal of introducing the best infographics available to Japanese audiences and to create a community that connects designers who share a passion for infographics.

The founders recognized that infographics are the perfect tool to meet the increasing demand for engaging 'easy to spread' content on the web and social media.

The opportunities of Japanese web and social media

Japanese and social media are progressively getting more international, but similarly to other Asian countries, there are still considerable limits imposed by a complex text language like Japanese: which makes it hard to localize, spread content, and connect with other countries. is helping Japanese brands, creators, and media to engage in visual communication in a global context.

From local to global: The evolution of

Currently has a core community of marketers, creatives, and early adopters who have started engaging with the platform making the leading Infographic portal in Japan in less than a year.

The team kept a low profile in the first initial months of operation - with no active promotion - bootstrapping its business with revenue from creative services, including infographic production.

The management team wanted to explore the opportunity and understand the real needs of designers and brands when involved in the process of creating an effective infographic.

In the first 18 months of operations, the team explored the boundaries of visual content marketing
- using data and experience collected as a base to build a compelling and scalable platform.

An open platform for Designing, Marketing and Media Professionals

The community platform is completely free! welcomes creatives and companies to construct a profile, start creating or curating infographics, collect and share them with peer designers, marketers, and media personnel. The basic principles of are similar to other creative community platforms (Behance, Dribbble, etc.), with a focus on helping marketing and media professionals achieve better results on web and social media.

At the same time, the service has been actively offering infographic design, strategy, and production services with a small internal team and a growing network of selected partners - to generate revenue, foster a community of supporting professionals, and self-finance the development of the first phases of the platform without having to rely on seed investments.

About's growth

Since December 2012,'s staff has been working on a series of upgrades to the service - starting with the release of the first global version in English, French, and Japanese; Following with other improvements to the user experience and interface. added Spanish, German and Italian to the supported language list, virtually becoming available to users in more than 150 countries.

The management team plans to expand's base of ‘core’ talents and professionals, connecting the best infographic creatives from Asia with Japanese and global brands, and continue expanding gradually to new markets.

The team has started talks with potential partners, not only in Japan but also in South-East Asia, America and Europe.


At we built the first Infographics & Visual Communication online platform dedicated to the professionals of web content marketing.

Our mission is to connect Designers, Marketing Professionals and Journalists worldwide around the passion and need for quality infographics and visual marketing.